Combine Data Accuracy and Sample Analysis Precision for an Optimized Pharmaceutical Lab Back

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Date 2nd February 2012Time 16:00Presenters Dr Ursula Tems, Dr Lou Tisinger


Learn how to meet the application needs of the pharmaceutical industry with easy to use, innovative and compliant analysis techniques. Whether performing multi-component analysis with the Agilent 8453 UV-Vis, taking advantage of the workflow improvements with fiber optic accessories on the Cary 60, or utilizing the extremely compact size, and snap and go sampling interfaces of the Cary 630 FTIR, get the versatility and reliability you need for pharmaceutical compliance.

Cary 630 FTIR

  • 21 CFR 11 compliant MicroLab software makes it easy to meet regulatory requirements through user-defined, color-coded queues that identify critical action levels.
  • Proprietary sampling technology Revolutionary TumblIR and DialPath liquid analysis technology simplifies sampling and reduces the risk of human error.
  • Permanently aligned optics reduces the need for instrument calibration and revalidation thanks to permanently aligned optics.

Agilent 8453

  • Ideally suited for routine QA/QC, analysis of incoming raw materials and multi-component analysis and dissolution - capture a complete spectrum with every measurement with proven photodiode array technology.
  • Software designed for high level analysis of pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Meet pharmacopeia compliance Instrument hardware and performance specifications targeted to meet global pharmacopeia requirement.

Cary 60

  • Benefits of a proven optical design allowing room light immunity and excellent coupling with accessories.
  • Improve workflow with fiber optic accessories - take the instrument to the sample.
  • Low cost of ownership - our xenon flash lamp often outlives the instrument!

Your Presenters

Dr. Ursula Tems
Dr. Ursula Tems is a UV-Vis and Fluorescence Product Specialist at Agilent Technologies. Ursula received her PhD in Biochemistry and also has experience in plant molecular biology and genomics. One interesting example of this work includes genetically modifying flowers to generate novel flower colors! Located in Melbourne, Australia, she provides product, marketing, and application support to the entire world-wide spectroscopy team at Agilent, with a focus on the UV-Vis instruments that are ideal for pharmaceutical applications.

Dr. Lou Tisinger
Dr. Lou Tisinger is an FTIR Application Engineer at Agilent Technologies. He is responsible for supporting marketing efforts and sales of FTIR in the US, providing technical assistance to customers and the FTIR sales force. Prior to joining Agilent Technologies, Dr. Tisinger was a Senior FTIR/Raman Product Specialist for PerkinElmer. Lou has a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry, from Miami University, which focused on molecular microspectroscopy, including FTIR imaging and micro/macro ATR imaging.