Comparative and Correlative imaging of Polymers and biological samples by SEM, TEM and AFM Back

Date 21st November 2012Time 16:00Presenters Dr Johannes Kindt

A quarter century after it’s invention, the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is joining the older Electron Beam base microscopy techniques as an increasingly mature and productive characterization tool with nanometer spatial resolution.

While in a few applications, like the characterization of polymer blend morphology, the AFM has replaced the TEM in many labs (while taking full advantage of existing TEM sample prep experience), in many more instances, the complimentary strengths of AFM, like mechanical property contrast of soft materials, quantitative 3D topography and roughness, and broad compatibility with different sample environments make it an attractive element of multi-technique and correlative characterization approaches, which lead to a more complete understanding of a sample.

We will discuss comparative cases where different techniques provide the answer, and compare the efforts involved with each approach. We will also discuss cases where each technique contributes a different piece of information about the same sample, and where the combination of information leads to a more complete characterization.