Identify, Confirm, Solve, Explore with FTIR Back

Date 26th January 2011Time 16:00Presenters Dr. Jonah Kirkwood, Dr. Lou Tisinger

FTIR provides a fast and easy mechanism to identify and quantify your samples, from solids, liquids and gases through to thin films, plastics, pharmaceuticals and even monolayers.

The ease of use and rapid generation of results gives FTIR a distinct advantage over other analytical techniques.

This webinar presents:

  • Basics of FTIR theory.
  • The appropriate selection of sampling accessories for the analysis of liquids, solids and gases.
  • Examples of the use of FTIR in many routine applications.

Topics covered include:

  • Spectral interpretation.
  • A guide to quantitative analysis.
  • Generation and implementation of spectral libraries for the rapid authentication of raw materials and finished products.

Discover what FTIR can do for you!

Who should attend?

Novice and experienced users or anyone with an interest in the application of FTIR technology in labs focusing on the following areas:

  • Polymers and Materials
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical, Petrochemical
  • Researchers in academia

Your Speakers

Dr. Jonah Kirkwood Dr. Jonah Kirkwood is the FTIR Product Manager at Agilent Technologies. He is responsible for global FTIR product marketing activities including the commercialization of FTIR instruments and analytical solutions. Jonah has been involved with molecular spectroscopy for over 10 years. He has a Ph.D. from McGill University, conducting research on the development of FTIR-based methods for rapid bacteria identification.

Dr. Lou Tisinger Dr. Lou Tisinger is an FTIR Application Engineer at Agilent Technologies. He is responsible for supporting marketing efforts and sales of FTIR in the US, providing technical assistance to customers and the FTIR sales force. Prior to joining Agilent Technologies, Dr. Tisinger was a Senior FTIR/Raman Product Specialist for PerkinElmer. Lou has a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry, from Miami University, which focused on molecular microspectroscopy, including FTIR imaging and micro/macro ATR imaging.