Laser Microdissection in Cancer Research – Mutation Analysis Workflow with Pure Cancer Material Back

Date 2nd November 2016Time 16:00Presenters Dr. Tamara Straube and Prof. Dr. Ralf Jacob

Cancer can affect various organs and is caused by mutations of the DNA. Cancer cells are able to escape from natural cell death, divide uncontrollably and spread in the body via the blood and lymph system. A prerequisite, to explore and understand underlying gene-mutations involved in the development of a definite type of cancer, is the extraction of pure sample material, which is challenging.

Leica Microsystems Laser Microdissection, also known as LMD, is a contact- and contamination-free method for the isolation of specific single cells or entire tissue areas without contamination of unwanted cell populations. The dissectate is then available for further downstream analysis like DNA sequencing to identify corresponding gene mutations.

In this webinar, we will present how to extract 100% pure cancer tissue for DNA analysis. Using tissue samples from human kidney cancer patients as an example, this webinar will provide an overview of the practical considerations when preparing a workflow to obtain highly pure material with the LMD microscope for further molecular analysis.