Nanopositioning in Microscopy Back

Date 13th December 2016Time 16:00Presenters Dr. Mathias Bach

The exact positioning of an object or the microscope optics has a decisive influence on the quality of the results. This is particularly the case with newer microscope technologies such as the superresolution microscopy, light sheet or multi-photon microscopy where the positioning speed is also decisive for the result.

This webinar from Physik Instrumente (PI) will provide you with an overview of the possibilities that are offered by piezo-based drive technologies in the field of microscopy. The capabilities of various piezo drives will be described and shown using examples of positioning systems from PI.

What is your motivation?
Do you want to optimize existing processes by improving the resolution and the degree of automation? Or, are you conducting research and have to develop processes that are intended to evolve later into a commercial product for meeting the increased demands on resolution, process time, and the application level?

What do you want to move?
Do you need to move a sample on a plane or move optics along an axis? Does it need to be fast because for example, large-scale samples or the stacking of individual virtual sections of the sample change during scanning? Is it even necessary for it to work both quickly and with high precision at the same time?

If you answer “yes” to one or more of the above questions, then you should watch this webinar.