Peptide Hormones in Sports Drug Testing: Detection of Emerging Protein/Peptide-Based Drugs by Means of LC-MS Back

Sports drug testing
Date 10th November 2016Time 16:00Presenters Dr Katja Walpurgis, Dr Andreas Thomas

Therapeutic proteins and peptides have emerged as one of the most important classes of new pharmaceuticals. Several drug candidates with potential performance-enhancing properties are currently in preclinical or clinical development. The current version of the WADA Prohibited List includes a variety of protein/peptide-based doping agents, some of which can be detected in biological samples by using immunological and mass spectrometry-based approaches.

Dr. Katja Walpurgis and Andreas Thomas of the Center for Preventive Doping Research of the German Sport University Cologne will present novel classes of protein-/peptide-based drugs such as Fc-fusion proteins and discuss strategies for their detection in doping control samples by means of the ACQUITY UPLC System and the SYNAPT G2S.

What will I learn?

  • How novel protein-/peptide-based drugs such as Fc-fusion proteins and therapeutic antibodies can be detected in human matrices by using different proteomics techniques in combination with high resolution mass spectrometry.
  • How ion mobility can help to identify prohibited substances in complex biological matrices.

Who should attend?

  • Sports doping laboratories (human and animal doping)
  • Forensic toxicology laboratories
  • Drug testing laboratories
  • Institutes of legal medicine
  • Police forensic laboratories
  • State crime laboratories
  • People involved in toxicology research
  • People interested in detecting novel protein/peptide therapeutics