Revolutionize Routine FTIR Applications with the new Agilent Cary 630 FTIR Back

Date 5th December 2011Time 16:00Presenters Dr Lou Tisinger


The sample interface governs everything from the ease-of-use of the FTIR system to the quality of data achievable for a given analysis. Sampling accessories are now custom-designed and optimized for the instrument. For example, the innovative design of the DialPath and TumblIR sampling technology provide the sensitivity of liquid transmission cells with the ease-of-use of ATR analysis. These customized sampling accessories provide the highest performance for real sample measurements.

Agilent Technologies is revolutionizing routine FTIR analysis from sample handling to data interpretation. In addition to delivering increased instrument performance, additional instrument sampling capability, hardware robustness, software ease-of-use, Agilent FTIR systems reduce the amount of time spent analyzing samples.

New applications, solutions, and accessories are discussed to further increase your lab's productivity.

In this webinar, participants learn about:

  • Innovative solid and liquid sampling techniques
  • Agilent-exclusive DialPath liquid-analysis technology - a breakthrough in transmission IR spectroscopy
  • Array of available sample technologies that are instantly interchangeable, yet perfectly integrated into the overall optical system - handles solids, liquids and gases
  • Intuitive method-based software and color coded results
  • New applications to increase productivity and capability while decreasing analysis time

Who should attend?

People in all industries that currently use FTIR spectroscopy.

Your Presenter

Dr Lou Tisinger
Dr. Lou Tisinger is an FTIR Application Engineer at Agilent Technologies. He is responsible for supporting marketing efforts and sales of FTIR in the US, providing technical assistance to customers and the FTIR sales force. Prior to joining Agilent Technologies, Dr. Tisinger was a Senior FTIR/Raman Product Specialist for PerkinElmer. Lou has a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry, from Miami University, which focused on molecular microspectroscopy, including FTIR imaging and micro/macro ATR imaging.