Serving ergonomics – 3 steps to healthy working Back

Date 18th May 2017Time 09:30 EDT | 14:30 UK | 15:30 CESTPresenters Dr. Ulrike Gast and Dr. Hanae Henke

The only important ergonomic features of pipettes are light weight paired with low operating forces, right? And ergonomic working only means the avoidance of pain?

Basically this is correct, but good ergonomics includes much more. We see ergonomics as a whole concept based on cognitive, physical and organizational aspects, called the three spheres. We give insight into each sphere talking about the importance of body and mind supporting organization of the lab, the workflow and the user. You will understand the background and relevance of ergonomic approaches in everyday and lab life. Furthermore, you will learn about the best seating and standing position during lab work and how to prevent repetitive strain injury after long hours of pipetting.

This webinar can help you design your workplace according to your needs and take the stress and strain out of your daily lab routine.