Simplifying complex imaging experiments by intuitive graphical interfaces Back

Date 22nd May 2014Time 16:00Presenters Flavio Biacobone and Dr. Jan Barghaan

Providing insights into a host of biological processes, multi-dimensional experiments are of great importance throughout life science, with many studies based on time-lapse and 3D imaging techniques. Automation is the key to effortless management of such complex experiments, using software-controlled motorised hardware to allow programming of time-lapse sequences and protocols.

This webinar will explore how executing even the most intricate experiments is realised with ease and efficiency through an innovative graphical interface, including:

  • The challenges in defining complex multi-dimensional imaging protocols
  • Concept of the graphical set-up and visualisation of the experimental workflow
  • Advantages of the latest graphical interface in enabling effortless automation of multi-dimensional experiments

Who should attend?

This webinar is ideal for life science researchers and imaging facility managers, especially those interested in the use of motorised microscope systems.